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Zildjian Paperthin Crash that I really cherish, a shimmering example of the hand work and dedication to quality those old timers at the original Quincy factory were capable of back in the old days before much of the grunt work in the manufacturing process was aided and abetted by machines., Pete La Roca and Ginger Baker use, or that Ive gotten to hear up close and personal in the hands of such masters as Max Roach, Louie Bellson, Connie Kay, Papa Jo Jones or Buddy Rich), Im taken aback by todays jazz drummers prevailing obsession with K. It puts me in mind of the enduring qualities of those vintage A. Zildjian-styled cymbals, as many of my all-time favorite jazz recordings feature drummers the likes of Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Mel Lewis and Art Blakey performing on K. Because after the Beatles, everything changed: bells got bigger, profiles higher, styles of lathing deeper and cymbals heavier as the prevailing tastes (and needs) of rock drummers required everything to be larger, louder, brighter and more penetratingyou practically needed Ray-Bans to play some of those bad boys.Zildjiansback when old man Avedis translated the feedback of top drummers such as Gene Krupa and Jo Jones into thinner, lighter more responsive instruments, and helped usher in a modern style of cymbal that could accommodate the emerging timekeeping styles of big band, bebop, blues and R&B players. However, Armand Zildjian himself, in noting how drummers such as Gene Krupa and Jo Jones encouraged his father to make thinner cymbals, bemoaned how the world has stepped up to a thicker cymbal, which in my mind is not as pretty.The cymbals you use will shape and change your sound completely.

The Zildjian Cymbology Series is a series of Workshops that focuses exclusively on cymbals.If you're looking for an excellent set of leather straps for your orchestral or marching cymbals, then look no further.The Zildjian straps will last you quite some time without wearing out too quickly.This product and this company are both extremely reliable. In most drum kits cymbals are just as important as the drums themselves.

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Which is why if youre a drummer like me, who has been pining away for a taste of that Quincy jazz grandeur, your search may have just ended, because in a fitting affirmation of definitive A.