Dating anchor hocking bottles

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Dating anchor hocking bottles

They featured a deep-red color called Royal Ruby, which was pressed into patterns with names like R-1700, Miss America, Coronation, and Bubble.From 1949 until 1963, Anchor Hocking made Royal Ruby beer bottles for Schlitz in 7-, 12-, 16-, and 32-ounce sizes.The Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation is famous among collectors for depression glass and Fire-King heat-proof glass.Royal Ruby is a name patented by Anchor Hocking for their deep red transparent glass.The first glassware produced as Anchor Hocking Glass Company was Royal Ruby in 1939.In addition, Anchor Hocking produced Forest Green Glass, Fire-King and Anchor Ovenware. It also had facilities in Elmira, New York and Streator, Illinois.

The company was a major producer of Depression glass.

Gert van der Waal ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Danny smoke Subject: Bottles Date: 10/01/2005 PM I have about 150-200 bottles that I found over the years working on construction sites. Thank You, Dan Miller ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Chaplain David Johnson Subject: W. We asked several long-term residence of the town my buddy knows about the structure (which we assume was an old bar), but, since the area is off-limits to swimmers, (..nobody said anything about "no diving") no one even knew it was there.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. #2 Date: 10/01/2005 PM Howdy - I have a dug bottle from Indiana that I got at a garage sale. My friend, who is from Chelan and knows the lake well, and I went scuba diving in this area and came across the remains of an old building in about 26 feet of water.

In 1937, the Hocking Glass Company and Anchor Cap Corporation merged,creating the Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation. According to Anchor Hocking's Fire-King and More Identification and Value Guide by Gene Florence (see below) production dates are 1938-19-1977. The glass usually came from the factory with a sticker identifying the Royal Ruby color.

When items are marked, the mark is an anchor with the letter H over the middle.

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They are square and about 23 cm high with some writing on one side. The writing on the different bottles are: African, B. The cork is inside and mostly intact; a piece of the top of the cork is broken off. Lewis, WA, and was wondering if you could tell me of any reputable dealers or shops in the Tacoma/Seattle area that specialize in antique bottles? Tom Bosch ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Paul B Subject: White Horse Whisky Bottle and Heavy Paper Container Date: 10/02/2005 AM Hi, I have a brown White Horse Whisky Bottle in a Heavy paper Embossed container.

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