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While not quite gaining the same attention as other network juggernauts like Mad Men, The Walking Dead, or Breaking Bad, AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire has slowly been growing into one of the most satisfying prestige dramas on the network.The ‘80s-set series follows the tech exploits of the upstart company, Mutiny, as they try to stake their claim in the computing world.The third season sees the plucky programmers relocating from Texas to Silicon Valley to truly test what this team is made of.Lee Pace plays Joe Mac Millan, the series’ constantly reinventing renegade. He’s an unpredictable eccentric who’s constantly towing the line between genius and masochist.In a whirl of parties, salons and nightclubs, these two very different women end up bonding, and ultimately inspiring each other to change their lives.“Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day” has the cadence and rhythm of a late 1930’s Howard Hawks film; the dialogue is quick, the action is tame and the film, overall, feels like it could have been made in 1939.This will make it a hard sell for a lot of modern film goers, but I enjoyed “Miss Pettigrew,” not least because it runs a very manageable 90 minutes.The aspiring CTO of Evil Corp has sex with the CEO’s male assistant so he can hack into his phone to find out the identity of his rival.As a technology expert, surely Tyrell could have fathomed a different method, but the surprise gay sex hammered the point that this man would literally do anything (anyone? These representations of male bisexuality are provocative because the men were presumed to be heterosexual up until that point (they invariably have female love interests on their shows).

For his performance, he won the “Gotham Award for Breakthrough Actor.” In 2002, Lee Pace guest appeared in the NBC’s police procedural TV series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for his role as Benjamin Tucker in an episode titled “Guilt.” His workout routine and diet plan is not known.OK, maybe I am, but I am pretty sure I wasn’t the only female in the room who craved pie by the end of the interview. I do the show “Pushing Daisies” and me and Anna (Friel) try and think a lot about old-fashioned stuff on that show, so we watch, you know, Cary Grant, Kate Hepburn… Lee Pace: Oh yeah, absolutely, I think it’s really fun.I also think it’s like an old movie and it’s not really a period-piece…whenever I go see a period movie I feel like its – “alright, sit still, watch your period movie” – and this one’s not really that. There was some of it that ended up being cut, I probably shouldn’t mention it, but where Nick gives Delysia coke… Lee Pace: Amy’s kind of all around cool to work with. She’s beautiful and fun and smart and really, really talented. She understands acting for film probably better than anyone I’ve ever worked with. She’s always doing something to make the story clearer…it ended up being cut, probably for obvious reasons, but I love that the script was still a little bit edgy. And she comes on the set everyday having a good time. And you know, none of the actress bullshit with her, she just gets it. so at a party if there’s a piano around and I’m drunk you might hear “If I Didn’t Care.” …But that really is me singing, we recoded it at Lee Pace: Yeah, we did nine episodes and then we ran out of scripts, so that’s it.

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, Pace's character Alex was a geek during his college days, but is now a millionaire technology entrepreneur.