Who is avril lavigne dating 2016

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Who is avril lavigne dating 2016

But the burden of stardom, the death of her grandfather and the pressure of following her previous record's success allegedly drove Lavigne to hang herself, the site claims.

The "almost identical" Vandella stepped in as the "New Avril," and no one was the wiser. The You Tube clip's Portuguese title translates to "Proves that Avril lied in the interview." The “Complicated” singer has had a rough few months: She and Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger announced in September that they were ending their two-year marriage, and before that, she battled a severe case of Lyme disease.

Our records show that Avril Sun is currently Naughty Avril confuses me a bit.

The quality of the content is awesome and worth at least a month of access if you are a fan of hot young models that really get into what they do for a living but the problem here is that the site is just so poorly designed that it is hard to get through and enjoy.

The original site claims that the singer grew weary of fame after her seminal 2002 album, "Let Go," went platinum.

Among the items the 40-year-old Nickelback frontman loaded into the back of the car: two guitars, a few boxes, and a fan.

The site, Avril Esta Morta.(translation: Avril Is Dead), offers side-by-side photos that it claims show telltale differences in her nose, birthmarks, and facial blemishes before and after she was supposedly replaced by a body double named "Melissa Vandella." It also posits the helpful "12 signs Avril is dead" — including an alleged height decrease, an "abrupt and sudden change of personality," different handwriting and subliminal messages in her album liner notes and lyrics.

The Brazilian fansite creator later claimed that the page had simply been "a way of showing how conspiracy theories may seem true" — though that didn't stop the theories from spinning off into multiple message board threads, some with posts as recent as April.

Content this nice should be on a site that is easy to deal with.

I recommend a foursome shoot she did with Sophie Linx they both have sex with 2 old guys (I know, not for everyone) but, Avril Sun looks super incredible in it.

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