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Im alone tonight after banging 4 different girls this week, but i cant get myself to get excited repeating with a filipino girl.In Brazil, I liked repeating wirh some girls, but here the best thing is just racking up a new notch.This is the easiest country to get laid every night with 6 and 7s.Naughty nomad and Neil skywalker know this only too well.For a 30 something white guy this place is a paradise and for a latin man it is good also.Just need to use more game if you are latin, since they think you are half filipino and there are many groupies looking for a white gringo.

I’ve spent at least two years of vacationing, traveling and living in four different countries of Southeast Asia.

I agree with almost everything you said, these women are very easy but can be extremely childish, same thing with japanese women.

I just want to add that Brothas do very well here also, I think anyone from a western country won't have much trouble racking up notches.

(This guest post about Southeast Asian Girls comes to you courtesy of Bill from Masculine Expat.) Southeast Asian girls are much sweeter, more feminine and eager to please a man than Western girls. Most white girls have gotten fat, disgusting and bitter with entitled attitudes.

With a few rare exceptions, only a fool of a man would date or marry a Western white girl today.

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