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On this day, May the 4th of the year of our Lord 2016, by the bylaws laid out by the Eileen Davidson Accord of 2015, we are now allowed to discuss and openly disparage the new Real Housewife Jules Wainstein. I’m glad for the Eileen Davidson Accord, because without it, I would have been way harsher on Jules than I will be after watching this episode.

I was impressed that she brought up her eating disorder to Bethenny and was open about how debilitating it was for her.

Moss was arrested on a charge of criminal attempted murder and booked into El Paso County Detention Center with a bond of ,000.

Fort Bliss released the following statement: "The investigation into this matter is being conducted by the El Paso Police Department and Fort Bliss is cooperating fully.

Moss allegedly beat and stabbed her repeatedly, before fleeing the scene and calling a coworker to pick him up.

El Paso Police say Moss provided a voluntary statement admitting physically assaulting Poole.

We pride ourselves on the professionalism of the Soldiers within our ranks.

Behavior such as these alleged actions are not representative of the men and women who serve at Fort Bliss.

We are monitoring her condition and our thoughts and prayers are with her for a full and quick recovery," -Maj.

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She didn’t seem to grandstand, but she is aware that she can use this platform to draw attention to how awful an eating disorder can be.

I’ve had friends and family that suffered for years with anorexia, bulimia, and the like, and I know how destructive it can be to a person and those around her.

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When you type a response, they're quick to get back with you; and while their answers may be a little non-sequitur at times, that actually adds to the charm.