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It implies some decisions, like upwards compatibility of old modules (although I think it can be maintained)... This raises a problem since it is very likely that in the "external SIS" talking to Moodle across the Web Service, the entity will be identified by another attribute such as an id Number (user,course), a short name (course) or even an username (login of user).

So either we must provide : Today, in my u Portal installation, I request for Moodle database and display a list of courses in which the connected user is enrolled.

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Else it has to build every URL by aggregating Moodle alias adequate PHP script entity ID [Feedback] Speaking as someone who will be using this API to integrate with another line of business application I would recommend the following changes.We are still catching up with protocol changes due to enforced end-to-end encryption by Whats App.One-to-one messages should mostly be working fine now, but we still can't handle encrypted group messages.Of course I provide links to these courses so that he can directly access.In addition I display a list of the last changes in these courses, again with links to the resources/activities.

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Loqui IM 0.5.6 is now able to work around serious brokenness on Orange KLIF phones due to those phones implementing the Web Crypto API incorrectly.